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Teenagers Like Twitter More Than Facebook (FB)

For the young generation, Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) isn’t cool thing anymore. Indeed! According to a recent study conducted by the Pew Research Center, teens are showing “waning enthusiasm” for the social networking site, reported All Things Digital, a technology blog on Tuesday.

Pew Research Center’s survey, which was conducted last September and made public on Tuesday, involved 802 teens, aged between 12 and 17. The 107 page report made startling revelations on online habits of teens.

According to Pew Research Center, youngsters are sick of all the “drama”, the anxiety of managing their image on the social networking platform and are annoyed with their Facebook Friends who share frivolous details.

While interest or to put in a more explicit way the “addiction” for Facebook is fading fast, microblogging site Twitter is gaining more and more popularity among teenagers. In the past two years teen Twitter signups have rose sharply, according to Pew Research Center, said All Things D.

The study showed that almost quarter of teens surveyed use microblogging service Twitter.

This is fairly interesting. The young generation, which does not like Facebook as their Friends share “inane details” on it, once rebuffed Twitter, citing that they do not want to follow a service which lets you know “what you’re friends had for breakfast”.

However, the report said that it took some while for teenagers to accept Twitter, which was first mainly used by adults.

“Teens are now migrating to Twitter in growing numbers, often as a supplement to their Facebook use,” said the report, according to All Things D.

However, it doesn’t mean that Twitter’s growing popularity is prompting teenagers to leave Facebook.

The survey showed that teens’ user activities haven’t eroded from Facebook but to some extent they fell “burdened” by it as they fear or fell that it is a prerequisite for their online existence in the 21st century.

“While Facebook is still deeply integrated in teens’ everyday lives… it is sometimes seen as a utility and an obligation rather than an exciting new platform that teens can claim as their own, said Pew Research Center,” according to All Things D.


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