Top 20 Baby Boomer Sites

1. AARP,

The 37 million member strong non-profit organization is the most popular web and comprehensive web site for baby boomers. ARRP also provides its members with discounts for a wide range of products, travel and services.

2. Everything Zoomer,

A baby boomer social network with news about health, finance, classifieds, dating, lifestyle, travel, entertainment and spirituality.

3. Second Act,

News, financial advice, successful stories of second-acters to inspire baby boomers for to reinvent yourself at any age.

4. HuffPost Health Post 50,

Blogs, news, conversations, dating tips with a focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle for the baby boomer generation.

5. Fab Over Fifty,

Beauty tips, business advice, street style, makeovers, style features, interviews, health news and shopping tips for the woman over fifty.

6. My Itchy Travel Feet,

Travel blog started by a couple, Donna & Alan Hull , complete with photographs and personal articles for the traveling baby boomer.

7. BrainHQ,

Brain fitness exercises created by neuroscientists to maintain memory and attention for the baby boomer generation.

8. VolunteerMatch,

Site connects baby boomers with volunteer activities and causes to keep the retired people active and going.

9. Day One Stories,

Beautiful web site, created by Prudential, to highlight personal stories and experiences by other people who are also retiring.

10. Sporcle,

Fun and addictive quizzes for the baby boomer generation.

11. Boomer Business Launcher,

It is not too late to start a business after age 50. This web site shows you how.

12. I Remember JFK,

Nostalgic baby boomer web site that brings back the memories – old toys, places and other things.

13. TeeBeeDee,

This web site’s focus is forums that allow mid-lifers to share experiences and personal information to help other boomers to deal with real-life situations.

14. BoomerGirl,

Designed for the women born in the baby boom era, BoomerGirl has articles and news on spirituality, art, pop culture, wealth, dating, and more.

15. Retired Brains,

Retired Brains is a job listings site for retirees, older boomers, seniors, and those about to retire.

16. BOOMj,

Video rich boomer web site that hires experts to talk about tips, advice for the baby boomer generation. Members get rewards for using the web site.

17. Boomer411,

Social bookmarking site for the older generation.

18. Eons,

Tumblr equivalent, or the social blogging platform, for the baby boomer generation.

19. Retirement Living TV,

The web site of the Retirement Living TV channel (which can be seen in 29 million homes nationwide) is packed with health tips, forums, and an extensive video library that highlights great retirement deals, interviews, and other life stories of famous and not so famous boomers.

20. Boomer Job Tips,

Billing itself as “A Baby Boomer Learning Community”, the web site is packed with job tips, practical finance and family tips for the boomer.

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