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Micro-Caps on the Move; SuperDirectories Inc. (SDIR), Hemp Inc. (HEMP), Graphite Corp. (GRPH)

Shares of SuperDirectories Inc. (OTCQB: SDIR), a New York based company that has human-edited internet directory which is made up of full-text searchable categories, cross-references and links and derives its revenue from pay-per-click fees, website listing fees, advertising banners, and affiliates and associates programs, are soaring in today’s trading.

At last check, SDIR shares were trading 34.15% higher at $0.0550, with volume up from daily average of 0.04 million to 2.0 million. The stock has been trading in the range of $0.0420 and $0.0790 so far in today’s trading.

SDIR announced recently that pages views from its website is up twenty percent from last year. The website has been averaging about 10,800,000 monthly page views, with an average of 4,200,000 monthly visitors.

Shares of Hemp Inc. (OTCPK: HEMP), a California based company involved in manufacturing hemp for a variety of uses including consumption and for cordage, are rallying in today’s trading.

At last check, HEMP shares were trading 35.04% higher at $0.0790, with volume up from daily average of 2.59 million to 3.33 million. It has been trading so far for the day in the range of $0.0610 and $0.08.

HEMP announced today that its board of directors had voted unanimously to spin-off four of its robust subsidiaries; Water and Beverage Company, an Internet Software Development Company, a Business Opportunity Company and a Telecommunications Company.

Shares of Graphite Corp. (OTCQB: GRPH), a Nevada based Mineral Exploration Company focused on the evaluation and development of domestic graphite mining opportunities in the Oatman mining district in Mohave County, Arizona, are up sharply in today’s trading.

At last check, GRPH shares were trading 1.16% higher at $0.87, with volume up from daily average of 0.16 million to 1.07 million. The stock has been trading volatile in the range of $0.81 and $0.896 so far for the day.

The stock reached its 52 week high of $1.05 on Oct 19th and has fallen drastically since then. It is currently trading much above its 52-week low of $0.2.

GRPH recently announced that its corporate information including share price, volume, dividends, shares outstanding, company financial position and earnings are now made available through S&P Capital IQ’s Market Access Program, an information distribution service that enables subscribing publicly traded companies to have their company information disseminated to users of S&P Capital IQ’s MarketScope Advisor.


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