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JPMorgan Chase Reports Q3 Results (JPM)

New York based, largest U.S. bank by assets, JP Morgan Chase & Co. (NYSE: JPM) reported results for the third quarter of 2012 ending Sep 30, 2012.

JPM’s revenues increased 6% to $25,146 million from that of $23,763 million in Sep 2011. Net income increased by 34% to $5,708 million from $4,262 million.

JPM’s revenues increased across most businesses except 1% decrease in Investment Banking, 7% down in consumer & retail banking, 13% decrease in Real Estate Portfolios and 1 % decrease in Card Services & Auto.

Noninterest revenue had also increased by 18% from prior year due to higher mortgage fees & related income, higher principal transactions and higher investment banking fees. Net interest revenue were up by 6% from prior year reflecting the impact of low interest rates, lower average trading balances, faster mortgage-backed securities repayments, limited reinvestment opportunities and the runoff of higher-yielding loans, partially offset by lower deposit costs.

The 34% increase in net income from prior year is mainly due to increased revenues, 26% decrease in provision for credit losses and 1% decrease in noninterest expenses.

As on Sep 30, 2012, it had total assets of $2,321,284 million. The firm’s total deposits were worth $1,139,611 million and total loans were $721,947 million including wholesale loans of $302,331 million, Consumer loans of $295,079 million and credit card loans of $124,537 million. Total stockholders’ equity was $199,693 million. The company has a substantial 158% of deposits to loans ratio.

Key financial ratios including return on equity (ROE) increased to 12% from 9% prior year and Return assets (ROA) increased to 1.01x from 0.76x.  Headcount had also increased by 1% to 259,547 from 256,663 prior year.

JPM has an average of 3,803.3 million common shares for basic EPS calculation and 3,813.9 million common shares for diluted EPS calculation by adding stock options and restricted stock which makes Earning per share (basic) as $1.41 compared to $1.02 in August 2011 and Diluted EPS as $1.40 compared to $1.02 in 2011.

JPM’s shares have been quite volatile today. It has been trading so far today in the range of $41.15 and $42.43. At the last check, it was trading 1.28% lower at $41.56 with volume up from its daily average of 24.23 million to 27.88 million. The stock had gained around 28.94% year to date against the 30% increase of KBW index of the largest banks.




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