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Micro-Caps on the Move; Force Energy Corp (FORC), FastFunds Financial Corp (FFFC), Hollund Industrial Marine Inc (HIMR)

Shares of Force Energy Corp (OTCQB: FORC), a Colorado based Mineral Exploration Company that is involved in identifying, evaluating, qualifying, and investing in potential natural gas and oil wells, are soaring in today’s trading.

At last check, FORC shares were trading 7.41% higher at $0.0145, with volume up from daily average of 1.21 million to 2.68 million. It reached its 52 week high of $0.11 in Feb and reduced drastically since then.

FORC reported today that it has over 1.7 million tons of lithium deposits in its property. As the demand for lithium is at its peak due to its usage in mobile electronics and electric car batteries, Force Energy plans to develop its ZORO 1 lithium property which has an estimated 1.7M tons of lithium bearing minerals to satisfy the increasing worldwide demand for lithium.

Shares of FastFunds Financial Corp (OTCQB: FFFC), a Florida based Holding Company focused on providing cash access services to casinos and other gaming facilities under the trademarked name FastFunds, are up sharply in today’s trading.

At last check, FFFC shares were trading 33% higher at $0.0133, with volume up from daily average of 0.37 million to 3.11 million. The stock has been trading in the range of $0.0120 and $0.0149 so far in today’s trading.

FFFC announced today that it has signed a letter of intent to acquire 40% interest in a gold mining property called the “Camanti Project” located in Quince Mil, District of Camanti, near the border of Madre de Dios, in Peru. The property consists of 850 hectares and has history of gold findings back in colonial times.

Shares of Hollund Industrial Marine Inc (OTCPK: HIMR), a Missouri based industrial technology design, development and production company focused on providing heavy equipment solutions and project services for the marine industry, are seeing a huge rally in today’s trading.

At last check, HIMR shares were trading 40% higher at $0.0007, with volume up from daily average of 117.34 million to 26.75 million. The stock has been trading so far today in the range of $0.0001 and $0.0870. It lost over 98% year to date.

HIMR has planned to expand its business through merger and joint venture with companies abroad. It recently had a meeting at San Francisco to discuss about the future of the company and the management suggested appealing further to potential merger prospects as well as an impending South American Joint Venture.

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