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Micro-Caps on the Move; Creative Edge Nutrition Inc (FITX), Oryon Technologies Inc (ORYN), Multicell Technologies Inc (MCET)

Shares of Creative Edge Nutrition Inc. (OTCPK: FITX), a Georgia based company involved in developing a portfolio of health oriented nutrition products to enhance athletic performance and well being, are soaring in today’s trading.

At last check, FITX shares were trading 33.52% higher at $0.0235, with volume up from daily average of 1.41 million to 6.89 million.

FITX recently completed its acquisition of Sci-Fit and Nature’s Science product brands. These brands used to offer over 600 products to sports player and health enthusiasts. FITX plans to relaunch all these well known brands and showcase them in the upcoming Mr. Olympia show in Las Vegas between Sep 27 and 29 2012.

Shares of Oryon Technologies Inc. (OTCQB: ORYN), a Texas based company engaged in developing next-generation electroluminescent lighting technology for cell phone key pads, apparel products and costumes, are up sharply in today’s trading.

At last check, ORYN shares were trading 10.26% higher at $0.86, with volume down from daily average of 0.43 million to 0.34 million. The stock has been trading in the range of $0.7750 and $0.92 so far in today’s trading.

The stock reached its 52 week high of $1.33 in May 2012 but deteriorated since then. Now it has been recovering back in the past few weeks and currently trading much above its 52 week low of $0.4.

It opened today at a price equal to its previous day close price but increased steeply to its intraday high within few minutes of market open. It has stabilized around $0.86 by mid half of the session.

Shares of Multicell Technologies Inc. (OTCQB: MCET), a Rhode Island based clinical stage biotechnology company that develops new treatments for neurological disorders, hepatic disease and cancer, are soaring in today’s trading.

At last check, MCET shares were trading 14.29% higher at $0.0016, with volume up from daily average of 11.55 million to 45.34 million. The stock has been trading so far in the range of $0.0014 and $0.0021.

MCET has announced today that the American Society for Cell Biology had accepted Dr. Ghanekar’s abstract on “Short Synthetic Double Stranded RNA with Dual Activity – Oncolytic and Immune Modulatory – for Hepatocellular Carcinoma.”

The research results are expected to be presented in Dec 2012 which may support the safety, effectiveness and utility of MCT-465 and MCT-485 as novel therapeutic agents as a treatment for hepatocellular carcinoma and other cancers.

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