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Major Gainers and Losers on September 18; ENER, ARW, FDX, DITC, DARA, OCZ

The following are the major gainers and losers in trading on September 18.

Energizer Holdings Inc. (NYSE: ENR) shares leaped 10.75% in trading on Tuesday amid high trading volume of 1.68 million shares. The company announced that it ended its initial appraisal of its operating model and cost structure. The company also said that it anticipates attaining gross annualized pre-tax cost savings of $175 to $200 million.

Incorporated in 1999, Energizer Holdings Inc is a manufacturer and marketer of consumer goods. Its product lines include:  primary batteries, portable lighting and personal care products in the wet shave, skin care, feminine care and infant care categories.  Energizer and Eveready are two globally renowned brands and sold in more than 165 countries.

Shares of Arrow Electronics Inc. (NYSE:A RW) slumped 4.35% in trading on Tuesday after the stock was downgraded from “buy” to “neutral” by equity research agency Miller Tabak. In a note to investors it wrote, “Investors are unlikely to turn bullish on the shares until the component segment turns around and some clarity on IT [information technology] demand emerges… with the prospect of slower demand in components impacting the second half of the year and 2013, we do not see much upside to the shares from current levels.”

Arrow Electronics is in business of offering products, services and solutions to both industrial and commercial users requiring electronic components and enterprise computing solutions. The 52 week range is $25.71-$43.39.

FedEx Corporation (NYSE: FDX) shares fell 3.06% in trading on Tuesday even as the company, posted better earnings for fiscal first quarter, beating its own and analysts’ consensus estimates. The stock fell sharply as FDX downwardly revised its outlook both on the current quarter and fiscal 2013.

FedEx said that ongoing macroeconomic uncertainty has deeply impacted its ocean freight business. However, its ground unit performed much better than FedEx services as customers and businesses preferred shipping goods through cheaper alternative in order to cut cost.

Shares of Ditech Networks Inc. (NASDAQ: DITC) skyrocketed 74.53% on Tuesday after Nuance Communications Inc. (NASDAQ: NUAN) announced that it will be acquiring Ditech Networks According to the deal, Nuance Communications will be paying $1.45 a share in cash.

The deal implies that total enterprise value of the company was estimated at nearly $22.5 million. The acquisition deal has been approved by board of directors from both companies; and is expected to close before the end of current year.

DARA Biosciences Inc (NASDAQ: DARA) soared 20.95% in trading  on Tuesday amid high trading volume of 2.71 million shares after the news emerged that the Helsinn Group of Switzerland has forged an exclusive partnership with DARA Biosciences to market Gelclair. Gelclair which is used in the treatment of oral mucostis will be launched in the U.S. market in first quarter of 2013. Gelclair is a FDA approved product.

DARA BioSciences, Inc. is a pharmaceutical company which is predominantly focused on the development and commercialization of oncology treatment and supportive care pharmaceutical products. DARA 52 week range is $0.62-$2.77.

Shares of OCZ Technology Group Inc.(NASDAQ: OCZ) nosedived 7.40% in trading on Tuesday after the company announced that President and Chief Executive Ryan Petersen will be leaving the company. The move come just two weeks after when the company revealed that its fiscal second quarter revenue will fall short of market expectations.

Peterson will be replaced by Alex Mei as an interim CEO. Mr. Mei served as a Chief Marketing Officer prior to becoming interim CEO.





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